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Meazon designs and manufactures at scale revolutionary small size IoT energy meters and integrates them with cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. Our metering solution is 100% robust and redundant, storing energy data and schedules  both on meter and gateway level. This way we drive significant energy efficiencies.


  • Wireless Metering Challenge Case Study
    Commercial buildings spend over 120 billion dollars annually on electricity. Sub-metering data provides visibility to building energy use. Better understanding of energy-use profiles can help building owners reduce costs by...
  • Wireless Submetering Case Study
    About Wireless Submetering: Wireless submetering becomes an important business tool in the hands of ESCOs and Enterprises, to gain important financial and operations benefits. Meazon offers a revolutionary and cost...
  • DOE-Meazon-Webinar Wireless (Sub)Metering Challenge
    In this DOE-Meazon-webinar, the outcomes of the DOE energy submetering challenge will be presented and important aspects of this technology will be analysed. The U.S. Department of Energy issued the...
  • US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge success by Meazon
    Meazon was recognized for its exemplary performance in meeting the specifications set out by the US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge. Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. Department of...
    Internet of things and big data technologies are opening the door to optimising buildings’ performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental certificates and asset management. And helping to turn the...
  • Energy Submeters in Smart Home Services
    Energy Submeters Energy Submeters enable consumption related services within the Smart Home offering since they have the capacity to provide broader info than smart plugs. Recently Endesa launched its Nexo...

For utilities & energy retailers

We offer a toolkit of energy consumption metering products and analytics services. These can be used together or independently to enable utilities to offer smart energy products to their customers.

For ESCO & buildings

Energy efficiency is not just about metering and analytics technology. We work in partnership with ESCOs to create innovative business models for realising ambitious energy efficiency projects.

For Telcos & Service Providers

Smart energy is part of the new quad play. We partner with telcos to offer energy consumption monitoring products for their customers.

For Aggregators

We provide unique technology for Demand Response services such as frequency control and load balancing by controlling energy storage or network feed of distributed load management systems.

Energy meters & sensors

We design wireless circuit-level meters that provide second-accurate, real-time breakdown of energy consumption flows. Our circuit-level meters are ready-set for the ever demanding world of cloud energy efficiency. Perfectly adapted for limited cabinet space, can be fitted in almost all electrical panels at high density. ZigBee wireless mesh connectivity permits effective positioning of our meters in a building.

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Energy Analytics & Monitoring

Built on Windows Azure and Big Data technologies, our Meazon Bizy Energy Analytics service allows customers to gain critical insights on raw energy consumption data. We enable energy auditing, visualisation, savings calculations, regression analysis and forecasting. We follow international energy efficiency standards (ASHRAE, IPMVP).

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Founding team

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George Koronias

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