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Wireless Metering Challenge Case Study

Commercial buildings spend over 120 billion dollars annually on electricity. Sub-metering data provides visibility to building energy use. Better understanding of energy-use profiles can help building owners reduce costs by taking actions to resolve problems identified through data. Where the savings potential justifies measurement, actual consumption data can be used to identify energy reduction opportunities,…
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Wireless Submetering Case Study

About Wireless Submetering: Wireless submetering becomes an important business tool in the hands of ESCOs and Enterprises, to gain important financial and operations benefits. Meazon offers a revolutionary and cost efficient wireless submetering solution of acquiring energy and sensor data and combining them with big data analytics, APIs and on-line services, for the smart energy market.…
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DOE-Meazon-Webinar Wireless (Sub)Metering Challenge

In this DOE-Meazon-webinar, the outcomes of the DOE energy submetering challenge will be presented and important aspects of this technology will be analysed. The U.S. Department of Energy issued the Low-Cost Wireless Metering Challenge encouraging manufacturers to produce a cost-effective, accurate, wireless system capable of measuring various electric loads within a building and wirelessly communicating…
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US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge success by Meazon

Meazon was recognized for its exemplary performance in meeting the specifications set out by the US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge. Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. Department of Energy, presented Meazon’s award during the Better Buildings Summit, organised by DOE in Washington D.C. May 15-17, 2017. The company provided a unique solution to…
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Value of submeters to energy efficiency services webinar

Internet of things and big data technologies are opening the door to optimising buildings’ performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental certificates and asset management. And helping to turn the key are sub meters. The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy…
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Energy Submeters in Smart Home Services

Energy Submeters Energy Submeters enable consumption related services within the Smart Home offering since they have the capacity to provide broader info than smart plugs. Recently Endesa launched its Nexo Smart Home service, using Meazon DinRails and Smart Plugs. Energy Submeters can aggregate partially or totally the electrical loads of a home or small office. By…
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