Energy Meters & Sensors

Sensors Meters

Our circuit-level DIN rail form-factor wireless energy meters (also called sub-meters) are so small that almost fit everywhere. Due to their optimal cost efficient design, they have a low TCO enabling the adoption of a larger number of metering points, driving much more detailed insight into energy efficiency opportunities.

Mesh network connectivity permits effective positioning of energy meters in any location of a building. Integrated with Meazon Janus gateway, data can be aggregated for energy analytics and insight generation in Meazon cloud-based monitoring service. Alternatively, thanks to our open, pluggable data architecture customers can choose to route their energy meters data to other data collection and analysis services.

The high metering accuracy (consistent with the definitions in IEEE 1459 and ANSI C12.1) and advanced meter points (current, voltage, frequency, active and reactive power/energy) combined with the internal datalogger and scheduler give the best value for money. The highly integrated low power design implemented in a sophisticated embedded system design enables a low BOM / high performance design allowing for monitoring samples down to 1 second.

The wireless interface ΙΕΕΕ 802.15.4 (ΖigΒee) simplifies the installation effort and minimizes costs. The low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Low power usage allows longer life with smaller batteries. Mesh networking provides high reliability and more extensive range. The ZigBee network layer natively supports both star and tree typical networks, and generic mesh networks.

Download a report by US Department of Energy about our energy submeters here

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DinRails Family Energy Meters

Our DinRail products are web-enabled energy circuit-level meters (current, voltage, frequency, active and reactive power/energy) used for measuring and controlling up to three phases electrical power feeds..

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Plugs Family Energy Meters

Ideal for domestic and office contexts, our Meazon Plug range enables remote measurement and control of electrical appliances. The range is available in various form factors, supporting EU, UK, US and LatAm markets.

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To build a complete energy efficiency picture, power consumption data which is available through DinRail, Bizy Plug and Zi-Clamp ranges should be complemented with environmental data (temperature, humidity, motion, doors, CO2) from our sensor range.

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Gateways used with Energy Meters

A Linux-based, small form factor appliance for provisioning, aggregating and backhauling data from Meazon metering and sensor devices to online analytics services (either Meazon Analytics or your preferred alternative solution) over Ethernet or GPRS.

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Zi-CLamps Family Energy Meters

Our revolutionary self-charging induction meter, combines the benefits of Bizy DinRail wireless networking with plug and play convenience to enable deployment in space- or access-constrained environments.

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