Energy Reporting

Meazon offers customized Energy Reporting to suit the needs of every energy manager.

Meazon is helping utilities and energy retailers to produce electricity usage monthly reports for their clients. The reports inlcude detailed information on how energy has been spent within utility clients' facilities. With an hourly resolution, major energy consumers can quickly obtain an energy profile report that includes information on maximum and minimum active and reactive energy consumption, comparisons with the previous operational month, heatmaps, cost calculations under various tarrifs and suggestions on how these costs can be reduced by shifting consumption in times of lower tarrifs. The reports can be customized accordingly to suit the needs of the most demanding, energy aware client. Meazon can assist in establishing the most suitable report template and generate it with minimal hassle.

Our Energy Reporting service allows our customers to gain comprehensive insights on raw energy data. We enable remote building energy auditing and calculate savings, regressions and forecasts according to international standards. Reports can be generated directly from the system with one click, including intelligent reporting with data heat maps, load profiling, model baselines and PV net metering among others. Our sophisticated data analytics will help you find your building’s or organization’s energy savings potential.

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