Meazon DinRail 3-Phase ULTRA

Meazon DinRail 3-Phase ULTRA energy submeters are so small that fit almost everywhere. Furthermore, due to their optimal cost efficient design, they have a low TCO enabling the adoption of a larger number of metering points. As a result they enable more detailed insights into energy efficiency opportunities.

Wireless Web-enabled three-Phase energy circuit-level meter. It measures Current, Voltage, Frequency, Active and Reactive Power and Energy. Therefore, it is ideal for monitoring and controlling up to three phases electrical power feeds or three electrical lines in an electrical board in businesses or homes.

Description of Meazon DinRail 3-Phase ULTRA

Meazon DinRail 3-Phase ULTRA comes with three Split-Core Current Transformers which can measure up to 600 Amperes per Phase. Ideal for real time monitoring, equipped with build-in data logger, down to 1 second report interval over ZigBee and data uploading to the Cloud over Meazon Gateway. Meazon DinRail 3-Phase ULTRA can drive a cold junction where a power relay could potentially be connected and control (on/off) the power supply to a load. The control logic could be driven by external or internal events.
In addition, it comes with a general purpose “Neutral Detection” indication contact, capable of periodically monitoring and reporting power status of an AC electrical circuit (e.g. night tariff activation info).

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