Meazon Janus Gateway

Meazon Janus is a Linux-based, small form factor powerful State-of-the-Art hub for provisioning, aggregating and backhauling ZigBee or W-Mbus sensor data from Meazon metering and sensor devices to online analytics services (Meazon or 3rd party). Thanks to the user-friendly provisioning web UI (MicroBizy), minimal configuration effort is required even for large scale deployments. Supports various messaging and OSS protocols including Meazon ZigPy for troubleshooting ZigBee networks. Supports SIA protocol for security systems connection and open ADR 2.0, for implementing DR strategies.


Janus diagram

Meazon Janus supports Meazon MicroBizy, an HTTP User Interface commissioning tool for real time monitoring. Full control of the ZigBee network is also possible including adding, removing and configuring devices plus capability of configuring Janus's network parameters. The Gateway, also supports Node-RED a virtual tool for wiring the Internet of Things.

Meazon Janus Technical Characteristics

Equipped with a powerful Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 at 1GHz and 512MB DDR3. Its storing ability comes at 4GB embedded MMC and works with a state-of-the-art Ubuntu Linux distribution.
Network-time synchronization is available, and even when not, a Battery-Powered Real Time Clock certifies accuracy of measurement/event timestamps. The Gateway is capable of transmitting control and data messages throughout the ZigBee network, which, in turn, can be monitored using a variety of provided IP-based protocols, such as MQTT, FTP, Websocket or HTTP(s). The monitored data, reported by the ZigBee sensors, (i.e.. measurements, sensor events/alerts), are also stored in a local SQLite database which can be exported in CSV file format. Janus supports Meazon ZigPy a versatile Python platform, for connecting ZigBee to TCP/IP-like protocols. This service has a modular design which makes it easily extendable. Janus is also designed to facilitate automation of DR (Demand/Response) actions using the OpendADR2.0 (Profile A,B) model, whether it involves electric load shedding or load shifting.

Meazon Janus Use Cases

Monitor & control ZigBee meters & sensors, such as in Energy Efficiency applications

Monitor & control W-Mbus meters & sensors, such as in remote Energy Efficiency and Water Management applications

Monitor & control SIA related security systems, such as home security systems

Implement rules based decision systems in a local level, such as Smart Home applications

Implement Demand-Response energy management strategies, ideal for Utilities that require to massively roll-out DR services to their customers

Roll-out energy submeters in high volumes and reduced time using an automated user-friendly web enabled MicroBizy UI tool

Test & troubleshoot ZigBee networks in an easy and user-friendly manner

Real-time monitoring of energy submetering devices

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