Zi-Clamp 3ph

Meazon Zi-Clamp 3ph is a revolutionary self-charging induction meter that combines the benefits of Bizy DinRail wireless networking with plug and play convenience to enable deployment in space- or access-constrained environments. Ideal for large scale deployments where cost of installation and provisioning in-cabinet solutions becomes prohibitive. Zi-Clamp 3ph is a ground breaking product for the energy management market due to its very easy installation. It allows a very quick deployment of many devices in order to get a quick audit on cloud or locally, of a building in order to characterize the loads without interrupting the power supply. As there is no need to cut power supply there is no risk for a damage on the DB of the building. Due to it's small size it can fit everywhere and the wireless interface simplifies things further. The energy harvesting from the power line that is measured allows long monitoring periods without the need of maintenance for battery change. Removing the devices is also very easy, fast and simple. Engineering samples available.

Fits everywhere - Plug ‘n Play! - No wires, no power downtime - Works with other ZigBee products - Optimizes ROI - Automatically uploads data to the cloud - No power needed - Fit also for Home Energy Management

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