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Bizy web service

MEAZON’s platform deploys the latest information technologies to offer a robust, secure and expandable tool for operational energy data management. The platform is capable of receiving and exporting multi-structured data sets from all Meazon meters and sensors and sensibly represent this data over a web browser. We utilize Microsoft Azure to ensure maximum reliability and…
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Energy Reporting

Meazon offers customized Energy Reporting to suit the needs of every energy manager. Meazon is helping utilities and energy retailers to produce electricity usage monthly reports for their clients. The reports inlcude detailed information on how energy has been spent within utility clients' facilities. With an hourly resolution, major energy consumers can quickly obtain an…
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The Meazon MicroBizy (uBizy) tool enables commissioning and pairing of Meazon meters & controllers to a meazon gateway with a single touch. Account management is cloud controlled and meters' physical location information is uploaded to the cloud. Using MicroBizy tool the installer can save time in setting up the ZigBee connectivity between meters and gateway…
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