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Meazon Janus Gateway

Meazon Janus is a Linux-based, small form factor powerful State-of-the-Art hub for provisioning, aggregating and backhauling ZigBee or W-Mbus sensor data from Meazon metering and sensor devices to online analytics services (Meazon or 3rd party). Thanks to the user-friendly provisioning web UI (MicroBizy), minimal configuration effort is required even for large scale deployments. Supports various…
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The Meazon MicroBizy (uBizy) tool enables commissioning and pairing of Meazon meters & controllers to a meazon gateway with a single touch. Account management is cloud controlled and meters' physical location information is uploaded to the cloud. Using MicroBizy tool the installer can save time in setting up the ZigBee connectivity between meters and gateway…
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