"The product (Zi-Clamp) is attractive for several reasons, including the fact that the non-intrusive connections remove liability or equipment interruption issues associated with gathering electricity use data, and that the wireless network and mesh capability enables real-time monitoring, easy collection and aggregation of data and fast and efficient data analysis"

Energy Manager Today Awards judge,

“ Meazon is a technology company with great products, capable of adopting them to the needs of a company like Indra, our IoT platform and of course the needs of our customers. Our cooperation with Meazon proved their engineering competence and quick reactions in both technology and production operations. They are a partner we can rely upon to implement our revolutionary IoT platform vision to the benefit of our customers the Energy Companies ”

Mariano Ortega De Mues , Magister (Energy Market) at Indra

"Integrating with a quality provider like Meazon helps CentraLite provide solutions to customers in new ways.  Meazon’s wide range of energy metering solutions is a perfect ecosystem fit for CentraLite’s line of ZigBee HA sensors and energy management devices"

Jimmy Busby, CEO at CentraLite Systems, Inc.

"Our partnership with Meazon will strengthen Gemino offering. Meazon is a trustworthy partner with deep knowledge and understanding of IoT networking technology and market needs. We believe that our cooperation will create important mutual synergies in the IoT space"

Mauro Moioli , CEO, Gemino