Energy Analytics – Meazon White Paper

Energy analytics is the process of deriving business insightful information out of a series of energy consumption data, by employing advanced data analysis methodologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques .

Main applications involve:

  1. Energy efficiency,
  2. Abnormal behaviors identification for predictive maintenance & energy saving reasons, both real time and off line,
  3. Buildings energy profiling,
  4. Energy related investments business case creation and follow up

to name a few.

Meazon energy data acquisition technology is capable of gathering energy data in a cost efficient manner, with a granularity down to 1 second. Energy data made available “hide” useful information and actionable insights as far as patterns and abnormal behaviors are concerned.

In this white paper Meazon presents its methodologies for analysing these types of data to derive actionable insights that can support business decisions.

Download the White Paper.


Meazon designs and manufactures at scale revolutionary small size IoT energy meters and integrates them to cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. Our metering solution is 100% robust and redundant, storing energy data and schedules both on meter and gateway level. This way we drive significant energy efficiencies.