Energy efficiency meets smart tech: an inflection point!

Energy efficiency is considered one of the fastest growing industries worldwide today. In addition to that technology does not remain static, instead it always evolves. Its lifecycle evolves, develops and eventually declines. Then a new technology emerges and challenges existing technologies and their support networks that ultimately are forced to coevolve with the new. So, how the introduction of a new technology can influence the course of numerous other mature technologies?


 Energy efficiency market barriers

Most of the potential for improving energy efficiency in buildings and the industry remains yet untapped worldwide. With the markets in the developed world in recession for years, investments are generally lower than the ambitious plans of governments and international organizations. However, this may not be the case in the years to come.

It is evident that during the last few years we witness the energy efficiency sector undergoing a process of creative destruction. The introduction of smart technologies and the Internet of Things brought a vast amount of possibilities for the energy manager. Up to now an energy efficiency investment had to prove itself by creating an ROI appealing to the investor. This was difficult to achieve mainly due to expensive, monolithic and closed energy monitoring systems. Energy monitoring systems are the foundation of every robust energy efficiency program. Therefore, due to those limiting factors an energy efficiency program had to face 2 main choices:

1. Compromise energy monitoring detail, leading to poor energy efficiency results

2. Dropping off all together the energy efficiency program due to poor ROI


energy efficiency

Energy efficiency market catalyst

In Meazon we thrive to develop disruptive technologies that can improve the energy efficiency of almost every process using electricity. We have developed and integrated revolutionary small size energy meters with cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. This way we enable significant energy savings.

We make energy monitoring affordable. This way we improve energy efficiency programs ROI considerably.

We develop small yet powerful energy circuit level meters that fit almost anywhere. This way we enable the energy monitoring of the maximum possible energy consumption points.

We build on open standards. This way we allow energy experts to integrate multivendor energy efficiency systems.

Meazon's ambition is to create technology that acts as the inflection point in the energy efficiency industry and unleash energy investments.

Meazon’s Bizy energy monitoring and control platform features wireless, easy to install and revolutionary small energy meters, with an open interface to the cloud and low Total Cost of Ownership. The platform is integrated to a Microsoft Azure cloud based energy analytics platform, providing meaningful energy management anywhere anytime.

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