Value of submeters to energy efficiency services webinar

Internet of things and big data technologies are opening the door to optimising buildings’ performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental certificates and asset management. And helping to turn the key are sub meters.

The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy usage.

But how can you reach these goals if you don’t have real-time data on a building’s energy consumption?

The reality is sub-metered energy use data is not available for many buildings often due to the high cost of metering and gathering data.

The commercial building market, including the public sector, is in need of reliable, cost-effective metering systems - especially at the panel level.

Sub metering solution for building management & energy efficiency

Energy monitoring and control sensor company Meazon has a solution.

Meazon Bizy Energy Cyber System is a new energy monitoring and control platform based on 15 years’ experience of embedded microelectronics design.

The internet of things-enabled small energy cyber meters have an open interface to the cloud and low total cost of ownership. The platform is integrated to Microsoft Azure & Power BI energy analytics platform, which provides meaningful energy insights.

The simple wireless solution with a low cost of ownership makes it unique as an IoT based Smart Energy Services Brokerage platform, providing services both on a local and cloud level.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How IoT energy submetering can help energy efficiency projects
  • Why Energy Performance Contracting is related to IoT energy submetering
  • The components and key characteristics of an IoT energy management solution
  • The value proposition of Meazon Bizy platform for utilities and energy services companies
  • How to use Meazon Bizy platform to boost your energy efficiency project

Watch the webinar here

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