Energy monitoring in geographically distributed properties

Meazon’s new energy monitoring dashboard can provide functionality to solve issues raised by geographically distributed properties.

A large number of real estate firms as well as Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) are managing multiple clients and their buildings simultaneously. Their portfolio of buildings can be geographically dispersed within a city, region and country or even between countries. This imposes administrative challenges in condition auditing and in gathering useful energy data. The process of manually picking up building information can introduce error and add up extra operational costs to mobilize personnel in remote locations often far from their work base.

Real-life efficiency performance rating of buildings is a major priority for energy managers worldwide. Demand for building information is constantly increasing. Meazon Bizy solution allows remote energy monitoring down to device level. Users are able to compare geographically dispersed buildings and energy intensive processes and focus in properties with the highest energy intensity ratio. Organization-wide visibility into meter infrastructure is the foundation of every large scale energy efficiency program. Creating centralized management capabilities of building portfolios has a direct impact on the ongoing energy and maintenance costs. Moreover, the practice can provide constant visibility and monitoring of temperature and other environmental variables ensuring that the system is adjusted to suit the demand and the occupants’ comfort.

Meazon Bizy provides several useful functionalities including the ability to set performance targets. The solution allows users to setup almost real-time benchmarking KPIs (such as kWh/m²/yr) that can assist in monitoring and direct comparison of different sized buildings. Within the latest version of Meazon Bizy users can quickly obtain their meters status (online/offline) when data web connections are down or whether the measured load consumes energy or not (on/off). Multiple sites are visually represented in a detailed map offering users the ability to centrally manage buildings from anywhere, anytime.

Meazon’s Bizy energy monitoring and control platform features wireless, easy to install and revolutionary small energy meters, with an open interface to the cloud and low Total Cost of Ownership. The platform is integrated to a Microsoft Azure cloud based energy analytics platform, providing meaningful energy management anywhere anytime.