Get actionable insights not just data in high resolution

Meazon new energy monitoring dashboard provides all the tools needed to convert big data into important actionable insights.

In the age of information overflow, distinguishing useful insights between bulk data can provide powerful business intelligence and make sound strategic and business decision making. High resolution energy meters generate thousands of data points per operational day that need to be interpreted accordingly. In a single commercial building with a large number of submetering points (floors, sections, lighting, heating, cooling, plug loads etc), measuring parameters (power, voltage, current, frequency) and environmental attributes (temperature, humidity, CO₂, motion etc) finding actionable insights in a manual manner can become a demanding and time consuming task. The insightful findings can lead to improved operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities and competitive advantages of significant value.

There is a plethora of energy monitoring dashboards nowadays providing high resolution big data analytics. Representation of real-time data in easy to read graphs is a no-brainer for those who want to have visual insights of energy data. However, visual insights offer only a rendered representation of the collected data. What about actionable insights? Users want to obtain notifications and alarms when out-of-range values they have set for particular processes occur. Meaningful energy management is a result of continuous preventive actions not corrective tasks. Preventive actions that exploit historical patterns and identify risks and potential opportunities.

Actionable intelligence is information that an organisation can act upon, actions that should be taken in order to improve energy performance and get an advantage in the marketplace. Data can uncover inefficiencies in the operations of a building and provide the energy manager the right tools to improve operational activities and patterns. Valuable data helps the decision making process. Meazon new dashboard offers the actionable insightful information needed to diminish energy waste and increase efficiency in building operations.

Meazon’s Bizy energy monitoring and control platform features wireless, easy to install and revolutionary small energy meters, with an open interface to the cloud and low Total Cost of Ownership. The platform is integrated to a Microsoft Azure cloud based energy analytics platform, providing meaningful energy management anywhere anytime.