George Koronias

George Koronias

George Koronias is Meazon Co-Founder and executive chairman. George is the mastermind behind Meazon’s strategy and one of the most successful leaders in the Greek and European market for the last 20 years, specializing in high-tech markets and having led the mobile revolution in Greece and Europe.

George was CEO for Vodafone Greece & Albania for 16 years, from founding stages to multi-billion revenues and stock market IPO, later serving as Chairman of the Board for Vodafone Greece. He is a recognized authority on high-growth companies in emerging markets. An electronic engineer by training with postgraduate studies in Aerospace systems, he has also served in leadership positions in aerospace, defense and information technology.

George (BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering & MSc Electronic Design in Aerospace Systems, MIEE, CEng, member TCG), is one of the most successful managers of Greek and European market for the last 20 years specializing in the area of high-tech, having led the mobile market in Greece and Europe. He has served in various leading positions in the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, ERGODATA & INTRACOM (Electronic Design Engineer, Research & Development, Quality, Project Manager and Business Development Manager among other positions). In Vodafone Hellas he has served as General Manager until 1994. From 1st of January 1995 as Managing Director of the company, while from June 14, 2001 has held also the position of Vice Chairman of the Board. On the 28th of July 2006 he was appointed Chairman of the Board. George has introduced a number of innovative services and organizational structures in the Greek and international mobile market as well as the Vodafone Group. His skills are appreciated worldwide.

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