Meazon establish partnership with Nanodomi

Meazon signed a strategic partnership agreement with Nanodomi, one of the leading companies in the sector of renewable energy and energy savings. Nanodomi will integrate Meazon products in their existing solution portfolio adding even more value to their existing and future cusomers.

Dr. Anastasios Antonakos, General Manager of Nanodomi stated: "The energy management system of Meazon is truly revolutionary. It allows us to monitor a building’s energy consumption, real time, but also in detail since their meters fit almost anywhere and in high density. I don’t have to worry anymore how my engineers can acquire real energy consumption data from various loads of a building in a fast and reliable manner"

Mr. John Gionas, Chief Commercial of Meazon stated: "Our cooperation with Nanodomi one of the leading companies in the sector of renewable energy and energy savings provides Meazon access to a market segment that is quite sensitive in energy efficiency measures and really appreciate the benefits that Meazon products bring on the table. We are very excited to establish partnership with Nanodomi and provide true value to their cusotmers"

View press release (in Greek)

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