Meazon Smart city


While local governments and utility providers are seeking new ways to decrease energy usage and costs, MEAZON, serving its commitment towards energy efficiency and sustainability launched an end-to-end street light management solution, called Smart Polis.

The solution combines Meazon’s Smart Polis street light controller, which is based on Meazon’s DOE awarded energy submetering technology, with a cloud-based, flexible, scalable and cost-efficient smart city services platform.

Using Meazon Smart Polis connected street lights controllers, we create a backbone network over a city’s street lighting infrastructure over local Zigbee clusters that connect different types of sensors that measure pollution, weather conditions, parking lot availability, garbage collection etc. Then, using NB-IoT or LTE Cat M1 the data of each small cluster are communicated back to the cloud. This way we capitalize on existing IoT connectivity infrastructure coming from the mobile operators’ networks, providing top quality of service (QoS) and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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