Meazon becomes part of the EU STEER project consortium

Meazon is now part of an EU Marie Curie\Horizon 2020 project consortium of private companies and academic institutions aiming to improve energy efficiency in hospitals. The project's main scope is to create a Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres (STEER project). A tool that will provide medical centres and any other large institution involved in their energy efficiency programmes (governmental institutions, ESCOs, utilities providers, lending establishments, independent auditors, managers and technical staff) with information on the buildings' ideal energy consumption in different scenarios and on the most appropriate energy reduction plan for the medium-long term.

The project's leading idea is to identify the variables and parameters that are mainly responsible for the energy consumption in medical centres, and quantify their effect starting from specific cases provided by the pilot sites. A mathematical model will be then developed to assess and estimate energy consumption in given scenarios. Meazon smart energy submeters will be used in the pilot medical centres to assist in gathering valuable data.

In order to achieve these results, STEER set up a long-lasting strategic partnership among three industries and five complementary universities and every beneficiary is contributing with their focused expertise. Project actors from several European countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and Greece are working together remotely, in regular physical meetings and through secondments of staff (industry-academia).

To meet the green house gas reduction targets set by the European Commission and reduce reliance on imported energy sources from not-EU countries, the energy efficiency sector vitally needs basic analytical and decision support tools. This is especially important for large scale energy-consumer plants but also for medical centres which typically use large amounts of energy. Meazon is therefore proud to contribute efforts in achieving European environmental and energy efficiency set targets and play its role in a brighter future.

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