Meazon Zi-Clamp nominated for Product Innovation Award

Meazon is proud to announce that our latest novelty for the energy management market, the Meazon Zi-Clamp, has been nominated for the Product Innovation Award at this year's European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria. Between numerous other innovations our ZigBee enabled Meazon Zi-Clamp energy meter was selected as a finalist in two different categories:

- Smart Metering, ICT & Data Management

- Smart Home & End User Engagement

All product entries are judged by an independent jury of international specialists for their innovative value, originality, practicality, sustainability and their product design. We are delighted to proclaim that our continuous efforts to improve and innovate are having an impact in global energy markets. These developments are enhancing our incentives to keep up with what we do best: develop, improve, innovate.

Visit us at this year's European Utility Week to get a glimpse of our products, discuss latest innovations and share our vision for the smart grid of the future.

What is Meazon Zi-Clamp

In order to achieve effective building energy management, investors, building owners and operators require in-depth understanding of the various energy consuming parameters affecting energy consumption. Energy submeters are the foundation of every energy management program and crucial in determining the energy performance of a building before and after an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) has been implemented. In-depth energy and ROI analysis is achieved by incorporating an adequate array of meters to cover all those areas the ECMs are affecting. Traditional submeters come in bulky size, they are built under closed monolithic protocols and are often not cost-effective. These facts make deployment and integration of a larger number of submeters a stringent process. Additionally, their high cost reduces the ROI of an energy efficiency investment significantly.

Meazon tackles all these issues by introducing an IoT, wireless ZigBee-enabled submeter into the energy efficiency market. Due to its innovative small size, low total cost of ownership, ease of installation and open architecture the Meazon Zi-Clamp submeter offers the advantage of large scale deployment to facilitate (cost) effective energy management and drive significant energy efficiencies. Integrated with cloud technology, Meazon Zi-Clamp will enable effective energy management from anywhere, anytime.

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