Smart Water Meter


Meazon’s Ultrasonic wireless water meter is designed for accurate measurement of cold and hot water flow in residential and commercial establishments. It combines advanced technical features with robust wireless data communication proven technology such as Zigbee and NB-IoT, high accuracy and sensitivity. Its battery can last more than ten years while sending readings to the cloud every hour, and it can be replaced without removing the meter from its original location.

It is always connected to Meazon’s Cloud Gateway and through this can forward data to any 3rd party data visualization platform.

Optionally it can be equipped with a remotely managed valve for controlling water flow on demand. In a home, office or building it can communicate data to Meazon’s DinRail products that can act as a gateway towards Meazon’s cloud services. Combined with Meazon’s smart streetlighting controllers, it can add intelligence and flexibility in a Smart City, using the streetlight network as the data backhauling infrastructure. CE certified.

ZigBee Mesh Network NΒ-ΙοΤ LTE CAT M1
Frequency band
2.4 GHz, NB-IOT Bands: 20, 8, 3 M1 Bands: 13, 12, 5, 4, 2
Data storage - measurement device
Accuracy of measurements
Q3= 2.5 m3/h, R400
Build-in Data log record
Hourly, daily, monthly values of the measured parameters are stored in internal memory. All data from archive can be read by means of the remote reading.
110x115x70 ( WxHxD ) in mm
Coverage Dimensions
Up to 50m indoor / mesh topology
Minimum Data report interval
Programable Interval
Technical features

Temperature class Τ30

IP68 protection

Installation in any position

No measurement of air

Environment class E1/M1

Protection class IP68

Nominal pressure PN16

Maintenance free device,

Bi-directional flow measurement

Flow direction indication

Durable composite body

Battery change during operation


Static method of water consumption measurement, no moving parts.

High accuracy calculation of water consumption.

Eliminates measuring deviations caused

by sand, suspended particles or air pockets.

Long-term measurement stability and reliability.

Total volume and instantaneous flow rate indication.

Sensitive and accurate in low flows, down to 1l/h.

Temperature measurement.

Battery lifetime
12 years (depends on the report interval and the alarms)
LCD Indication and alarms

Flow direction indication

Battery level indication




Empty pipe

Radio communication

Warning indication

Temperature indication (special configuration)

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