Zi-clamp 3-Phase


Meazon’s revolutionary self-charging induction meter, combines the benefits of DinRail meters with plug and play convenience to enable deployment in space or access-constrained environments. Ideal for large scale deployments where cost of installation and provisioning of in -cabinet solutions becomes prohibitive.

Meazon Zi-Clamp 3-Phase is a Zigbee enabled AC current sub-meter installed in electrical panels. Capable of monitoring up to 3 different lines, it measures line’s Current (TRUE Irms) and calculates estimated Total Active Power (Watts) and accumulated Total Active Energy (Wh). It helps users understand when and how they consume electricity. It can be used when there is no need for <1% power measurement error but extra low deployment effort is of essence.

It is always connected using Janus Gateway to Meazon’s Cloud Gateway and through this can forward data to any 3rd party data visualization platform. CE certified.


ZigBee Mesh Network
Frequency band
2.4 GHz
Data storage - measurement device
Total Accumulated Active Energy in Wh
Security mechanism
AES encryption 128 bits.
Operating Voltage / Frequency
Voltage Not Applicable, Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
53.35 x 53.35 x 13.7 (WxHxD) in mm
Operating environment
Indoor rated, -20°C to 50°C
Response to loss of communication
Parent re-association through ZigBee
Coverage Dimensions
Up to 30m indoor / mesh topology
Current Measurement Ranges
Measures AC Irms/Phase (TRUE RMS AC current), 0.5-50 Amperes/Phase, 5-500 Amperes/Phase Calculates Sac/Phase (calculated in VAr)
Power supply
Built-in battery. Re-chargeable over power-harvesting or mini-USB port. Estimated standby battery life when measuring zero load: 1 year using recommended report settings or 7 months using minimum report settings Unlimited Battery life when measuring > 1.6A/phase
Minimum Data report interval
Minimum: 2 seconds Defaults: 5 minutes for A, 1 hour for W/Wh

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