Low Voltage monitoring

Customized, project specific implementations to facilitate modular platforms

A plug and play solution that results in a true event-driven real time platform

Let us help you increase your situation awareness in LV networks to make your grid smarter.
Let’s be partners in increasing the pace of the energy transition by deploying flexibility and eliminating bottlenecks that delay the scale up of RES and DERs.

Power grids play a decisive role in the pace of the Energy transition, as they are key for energy demand electrification and higher RES integration in the power system. DSOs today are faced with unique challenges in ensuring the secure, reliable and cost-effective operation of the network. They are encountered with an increasing share of RES in energy production, shifting consumption/production patterns, a rising need for demand flexibility and an escalating pace of e-mobility.

As such, DSOs have to manage parameters surges in real time and monitor increasing line and substation aging due to more volatile power flows.

Continuity of supply, minimization of outages and service quality are gradually becoming key DSO performance indicators, and all this concurrently with large scale DERs’ demand growing, which, in turn, impacts the DSOs ability to keep network operations smooth and the network infrastructure upgrade timely.

In essence, all these transform the traditional role of the DSO into a “sophisticated information management platform” and an “energy supply facilitator”.

Meazon integrates its game changing technology in urban and rural energy substations to support DSOs improve their real time LV network visibility in a uniquely non-intrusive, scalable and cost-efficient manner without jeopardizing information quality and quantity, taking advantage of state-of-the-art IOT data acquisition technologies.

A cost-efficient powerful electricity analyzer, in the form factor of a 30mm width DinRail device, with no commissioning requirements, always connected in the cloud at no extra communication costs is easily installed, providing real time information on the electrical characteristics of the line to Meazon’s AI cloud service that transforms this information into knowledge about the LV grid overall performance. The solution is fully scalable in numerous substations, sites and geographic regions.

In cases where more information is required regarding the status of the substation, such as: temperature, humidity, human presence, water leakages, CO2 concentration etc., the offering can be expanded to wireless sensors monitoring via a local Zigbee network using Meazon Janus gateway. This way the solution is open to any Zigbee compliant sensor. Finally, Meazon technology enables/allows the integration of any 4-20mA or 0-10V industrial sensor through their connection to Meazon’s MultiSense device. This way a scalable, modular, cost-efficient and manageable sensor network can be built to support DSO field operations.



Protect revenue (through technical and non-technical losses reduction)


Improve quality of service


Optimize fault detection through timely supervision


Improve outage management and reduce downtime through early detection


Monitor grid in real time to better anticipate and optimize investment needs, plan and execute network upgrades


Assess future growth potential for EV and PV deployment


Detect EV and PV in LV network

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