IoT energy management company

About us

Meazon uses its IoT energy management technology as a leverage to unleash energy efficiency investments. Founded in 2013, by three seasoned executives of  telco, embedded systems and energy sectors - George KoroniasStelios Koutroubinas & John Gionas - Meazon set out with a single goal - to bring the benefits of the emerging Internet of Things to the energy efficiency sector.

A few years later, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of energy submetering solutions, recognized by US Department of Energy, with a world-class team of software, firmware and hardware engineers, partnering with a wide range of domestic and international ESCOs, systems integrators, energy utilities, service providers, buildings and industrial companies.

In Meazon we design and deliver IoT energy management related products, combining hardware, firmware and software in a unique manner. Since its creation Meazon secured a 1st round of financing and shortly we’ll be out for the 2nd round.

IoT energy management

Real time energy management on both user and load level becomes critical for load balancing and energy efficiency reasons. Every energy user and load should potentially be connected and controlled by the Grid in real time, providing information of energy consumption, production and control. Internet of Things is the approach that enables real time data to be communicated to and from the loads to central decision points, where energy service providers such as Utilities, Aggregators and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) process them and provide relevant energy management and efficiency services.

Meazon and energy efficiency

Meazon is not yet another company producing energy meters. We analyzed thoroughly the technology barriers that energy efficiency projects face today and designed our portfolio -  energy meters & controllers and energy analytics - in a way that lowers or removes those barriers. Technology leadership combined with reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) give Meazon a competitive advantage in the emerging IoT energy management and efficiency market.