We change the way the world manages energy

We design innovative products and services that resolve daunting challenges

We drive energy digitization and sustainability through bleeding-edge technology

Οur Services

Low Voltage monitoring

Ιncrease your situation awareness and make your grid smarter

Energy Efficiency for buildings and sites

Keep your site’s energy and maintenance costs under control

Smart Streetlighting

Let us help you upgrade your City.

Energy disaggregation

Use Meazon technology to deliver advanced disaggregation services.

Measure as a Service

Make the energy data acquisition easy & cost efficient simultaneously.

We start from the edge device and go all the way up to how energy is used and managed using AI

We combine unparalleled Edge Device Design with Software Defined Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence. The result is the best available technology for managing energy in the grid edge

World’s smallest industrial IoT device with high metering accuracy (>99,5%) for energy management

Minimum data bandwidth design with build-in SIM prepaid for world coverage, WiFi & Zigbee

Reporting interval that can go down to 50 times per second for advanced services

Proprietary Energy Operating System with APIs for Energy providers

High tech power analyzer reporting Voltage, Current, Power, Energy produced/consumed & harmonics, in a cost-efficient UL certified device with storage and connectivity build-in

Our technology is recognized by the US Department of Energy as the only technology meeting its specs for energy submetering.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

” We were interested in the development of a complete streetlight solution, with reliable communications to ensure the solution’s success. Also, we were looking for a solution open to innovation and that was able to keep up with the growth of the whole system.Meazon impressed us by their in-depth understanding of the technology, the quick response for new features and detailed documentation provided.Additionally, the agility & can-do attitude of Meazon played a crucial role in our partnership.”

May 2022


E-REDES – Distribuição de Eletricidade, S.A.

” We chose to partner with Meazon for our home energy management offering as the team’s technical expertise & agility was a combination that no other player could provide. We distinguished Meazon because even though large players like ABB / Hager offer great solutions, they would never have been able to tailor the product to our requirements as easily, so that it satisfies our needs and enables both design considerations and data interrogation at the target price.”

May 2022

Menelaos Ioannidis

Lightsource Labs