Customized energy profile reports

Meazon offers customized energy profile reports to suit the needs of every energy manager.

Understanding the type and amounts of energy consumed by various systems within a building is fundamental in creating an energy policy and driving consumption down. The patterns (or profiles) of energy usage can uncover inefficiencies in the operations of the building, such as high out-of-hours energy consumption or poor automatic control, that generate unwanted energy waste. Building managers and owners need to fully understand their consumption patterns in order to tackle those inefficiencies effectively. Energy profile reports can include useful information analyses and several correlations between different parameters affecting consumption. Clear illustrations make the report easy to read and understand. The report will help the operator to comprehend the overall energy performance as well as the level of improvement that can be achieved by shifting loads during different times of the day. The report can also be used as a tool to identify steps in order to improve energy performance. Users can adjust their reports according to their needs and obtain meaningful analyses of their energy consumption patterns.

Meazon is helping utilities and energy retailers to produce electricity usage monthly reports for their clients. The reports inlcude detailed information on how energy has been spent within utility clients’ facilities. With an hourly resolution, major energy consumers can quickly obtain an energy profile report that includes information on maximum and minimum active and reactive energy consumption, comparisons with the previous operational month, heatmaps, cost calculations under various tarrifs and suggestions on how these costs can be reduced by shifting consumption in times of lower tarrifs. The reports can be customized accordingly to suit the needs of the most demanding, energy aware client. Meazon can assist in establishing the most suitable report template and generate it with minimal hassle.

Meazon’s Bizy energy monitoring and control platform features wireless, easy to install and revolutionary small energy meters, with an open interface to the cloud and low Total Cost of Ownership. The platform is integrated to a Microsoft Azure cloud based energy analytics platform, providing meaningful energy management anywhere anytime.