Measure as a Service

A solution that makes energy data available to 3rd party visualization services

Distributed energy data acquisition for practically any electricity load

Apply your own visualization & analytics tools using Meazon’s advanced energy data acquisition service.
Rest assured we understand that although Meazon offers advanced energy data visualization & analytics services, in certain cases you need to use your own.

We make the energy data acquisition easy & cost efficient simultaneously from as many geographically distributed energy sources you need and provide it as a service to be used by various experts in an open interface format.

You don’t have to worry on how to gather real time energy data and deal with all these technical hitches such as deciding which energy metering device to use, how to install it and fit in the electrical panel, how to communicate data and with what reporting intervals, how to make it cost efficiently, how to read the data from the site etc.

The US department of energy has awarded Meazon technology as the only one meeting its technical specifications for energy submetering in buildings. This means that we are the best for this job. All you need to do is provide us with the interface your web app needs to receive the energy data from our Cloud Data Aggregation Service and then you can focus on your work in analyzing those data.


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