Energy Efficiency for buildings and sites

Wireless, easy to install and scalable Buildings Energy Management solution with low total cost of ownership

Distributed energy management in buildings and sites supporting next generation energy services

Keep your building’s energy and maintenance costs under control.

Use a Building Energy Management System that starts small and grows according to your needs whenever you want, as much as you want.

Create energy efficiency business cases based on real data and follow them up.

Meazon energy management system is end to end, secure, scalable and flexible. It is modular and tailor made to the needs of each corporate customer. It can start small and grow large, managing in real time the energy in multiple geographically distributed sites and buildings, keeping the total cost of ownership low. It can support services such as multi tenant billing, energy analytics, customized reporting and forecasting. Specially for Telcos specific operations KPIs can be monitored such as PUE of mobile and fixed infrastructure. Installation is easy, and its use is simple.

Meazon technology can monitor energy production in real time from RES and batteries and combine it with energy consumption and multi tariff billing, supporting advanced services for future prosumers, flexsumers and microgrids. Using NB-IoT or WiFi communication build-in within the device and with a prepaid global SIM card for 10 years there is no need for any extra communication equipment or fee.

In cases where more information is required regarding the status of the building or site, such as: temperature, humidity, human presence, water leakages, CO2 concentration etc., the offering can be expanded to wireless sensors monitoring via a local Zigbee network using Meazon Janus gateway. This way the solution is open to any Zigbee compliant sensor. Finally, Meazon technology enables/allows the integration of any 4-20mA or 0-10V industrial sensor through their connection to Meazon’s MultiSense device. This way a scalable, modular, cost-efficient and manageable sensor network can be built to support field operations of the Telco or ESCO.




Reduce building/site portfolio’s energy waste and make its operation more cost efficient


Enjoy end to end security and flexibility with a solution comparable or even superior to expensive, proprietary BEM systems


Start small and grow on your own pace, managing in real time the energy in multiple geographically distributed buildings/sites, keeping the total cost of ownership low


Set-up services such as multi-tenant billing, energy analytics and customized reporting and forecasting


Optimize the use of RES produced energy and take advantage of multi tariff billing from your energy provider with a system that monitors & controls in real time energy consumed and energy produced

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