Energy disaggregation

A sophisticated service based on our highly integrated cyber-physical and certified device

Dramatically reduced cloud storage demand due to on-device processing power

Use the best available technology to base your energy disaggregation service portfolio for your customers.
Enjoy state-of-the-art technology tailored to your customers’ needs.

The problem of energy disaggregation is the separation of an aggregate energy signal into the consumption of individual appliances in a household.

Meter-specific energy disaggregation solutions may yield better results than general-purpose methods, especially for sophisticated meters.

Meazon’s meter has a 50 Hz reporting rate over 3 different lines and provides a rich set of measurements with respect to the extracted features.

It can be thought of as ‘performance probes’ with EDGE computing enabled. Meazon’s highly integrated embedded system becomes part of a Cyber-Physical system that has sensing, computing, control and networking capabilities integrated into a small, accurate, powerful, low cost, fully certified device than can be used to enable new services.

Since only “intelligent” data are transmitted to the Cyber-Physical System central server, rather than all the raw data measurements, the dependencies on wireless protocol limitations or Internet availability are dramatically reduced (tests show better than 95%). It follows that the need for large cloud storage is also minimized. The result is the ability to offer better value services by reducing both the data network costs and the cloud computing costs.

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