US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge success by Meazon

Meazon was recognized for its exemplary performance in meeting the specifications set out by the US DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge.

Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, U.S. Department of Energy, presented Meazon’s award during the Better Buildings Summit, organised by DOE in Washington D.C. May 15-17, 2017.

The company provided a unique solution to the DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge, by means of an efficient and cost effective way to monitor energy.

To most effectively improve a building’s energy efficiency, energy use must be measured. Yet, (near) real-time energy use data is not available for many buildings, often due to the high cost of metering and gathering data.

Therefore, the commercial buildings market, including the US Federal sector, where metering of buildings’ energy use is required by law, need reliable, cost-effective metering systems – especially at the panel level.

As a result, DOE Wireless Submetering Challenge was initiated to manufacturers to spur the development of low total cost of ownership electric metering systems. As DOE states: “Devices either have more features than are needed and have a high cost or have a low price but are not robust enough for commercial applications.”

Meazon’s technology combines a low-cost solution of wireless submeters with a powerful data aggregation gateway and a monitoring and analytics service.

The service is based on Microsoft Azure and Power BI, making it efficient, scalable and secure. The architecture is open enabling the use of other monitoring and analytics services.

Due to meter’s small size, larger number of metering points are used driving detailed insights into energy efficiency opportunities.

DOE experts have evaluated thoroughly Meazon energy submeters, using  a real life pilot installation

meazon success submetering challenge