Energy Submeters in Smart Home Services

Energy Submeters

Energy Submeters enable consumption related services within the Smart Home offering since they have the capacity to provide broader info than smart plugs. Recently Endesa launched its Nexo Smart Home service, using Meazon DinRails and Smart Plugs.


Energy Submeters can aggregate partially or totally the electrical loads of a home or small office. By using the appropriate app Energy Submeters can enable services of electricity consumption monitoring. Energy management is also possible, if the Submeter can control one or more loads, as with Meazon DinRail technology. This combined with the build in memory of the Energy Submeter enabling local storage of data, provides a much appreciated first level of service redundancy. The small size of this technology and its wireless nature using an open protocol such as ZigBee, make it even more attractive for service providers such as utilities, energy retailers and energy aggregators among other, to include it in their value offering towards their customers.

Meazon Bizy Smart Plug

On the other hand Smart Plugs can enable services on a per appliance level, that mainly relate to comfort and peace of mind. The user can schedule turning on or off home lights as if he were in home. The schedules can be stored in the plug and go on even when the connection to the network is lost. Other possible services include scheduling on and off appliances such as the coffee machine or water heater in the morning. Users can always monitor the power consumption of specific appliances.

About Meazon

Meazon designs and manufactures at scale revolutionary small size IoT energy meters and integrates them to cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. Our metering solution is 100% robust and redundant, storing energy data and schedules both on meter and gateway level. This way we drive significant energy efficiencies.