Meazon introduces new long range wM-Bus gateway

Meazon introduces its new long range wM-Bus gateway, the Meazon Janus.

Meazon Janus (in ancient Roman religion Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages and endings) monitors and controls ZigBee meters and sensors in a simple and effective way. In addition, it monitors and controls wireless M-Bus meters and sensors to enable monitoring in remote locations such as in gas and water management applications. Its 169-MHz narrowband was chosen to get maximum range in order to enable field network deployments with very few concentrators. The wM-Bus protocol has become the choice for many smart meter deployments in Europe due to its simple star network topology on a sub-1 GHz wireless link in the European ISM band at 868 MHz.

Meazon Janus is also designed to facilitate automation of Demand-Response (DR) events using the OpenADR2.0 standard (profile A,B), whether it involves electric load shedding or load shifting. This enables the functions taken to reduce load when electric grid contingencies threaten supply-demand balance or market conditions occur that raise electricity costs. Functions and features of a Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) that are used to facilitate the automation of customer response to various Demand Response programs and dynamic utility pricing.

Our new gateway is a small form factor appliance for provisioning, aggregating and backhauling data from Meazon devices to online analytics services (either Meazon Analytics or an alternative preferred solution) over Ethernet. Thanks to the user friendly provisioning web application (uBizy), minimal configuration effort is required even for large scale deployments.

The gateway is capable of transmitting control and data messages throughout the ZigBee network, which in turn can be monitored using a variety of provided IP-based protocols, such as MQTT, FTP, Websocket or HTTP(s) for real-time monitoring. Full control of the ZigBee network is also possible including adding, removing and configuring devices plus capability of configuring Janus’s network parameters. The gateway supports NodeRed which is a Rule-Based decision making system.

wM-Bus gateway

Click below to visit the Meazon Janus product page:

Meazon Janus product page