Meazon launches Multisense Device

Meazon’s MultiSense can be thought of as the swiss knife for sensor networks. Ideal for acquiring data from existing analog or digital industrial sensors and making it available to Meazon’s Cloud data aggregation service for further use from analytics or AI type of apps. Protects industrial sensors investments and transforms them into IOT type of infrastructure.

When you have a sensor with some of the most common industrial interfaces in the market today, such as 4-20mA or 0-10V Meazon can bring those sensors’ data or alarms to your mobile phone or web app. In case you need to proceed with actions there are two output signals up to 4A for control purposes. One more product on our portfolio with sensing, processing, control and networking capabilities, a Cyber Physical system.

It is designed to operate with nearly any power supply and communicate with some of the most common wireless protocols in the market today even with no interaction with the customer’s networking infrastructure using a mobile connection. With our international roaming build-in SIM chip/card the communication cost for 10 years is included in the module’s purchase price.