Meazon launches Multiutility reader

Meazon’s MultiUtility Reader provides a solution, in order to make consumed or produced energy data, available to the user (the data owner) in real time. The installation is easy, and the data are available with a call to the DSO to enable the data flow from the meter to the MultiUtility Reader over P1 interface. Instant energy attributes are available every 5 seconds, and Meazon device is reporting them on user configured report intervals (default 1 minute).

Meazon’s MultiUtility Reader collects smart meter’s data and makes them available to Meazon’s cloud based, management platform. As data are reported from the official utility meter (billing grade) new services are made possible. The capacity to collect other utility data (e.g. gas or water) with a non-battery operated and easily maintainable device, increases the solution’s flexibility and efficiency. Users obtain visibility to the usage of their energy resources, whereas new services are supported in an easy and affordable manner.

The open communication protocols allow the integration of P1 with other devices in a way that enhances Smart Home concept.