Meazon NB-IoT cloud platform ready to pilot

To enable the continued adoption and integration of renewable technologies, and to ensure energy distribution networks remain safe, reliable and efficient, energy distributors require improved network visibility and control, in the low voltage (LV) network, and data driven insights to guide their investments.

Actual consumption data can be used to identify energy reduction opportunities, improve operations, verify improvements, and assess system performance. Existing energy management solutions only address energy efficiency in specific premises and such systems are closed, since they do not provide interfaces towards other energy players, in addition to being expensive to buy, install and maintain.

Therefore, there is an emerging need of a universal real-time reliable, flexible, secure and scalable energy data acquisition and connectivity cloud platform that would acquire energy data from various DER (Distributed Energy Resources) such as solar, wind, electric vehicles, storage systems and consumers such as homes, buildings (on a load level) and street lighting, in a cost efficient manner and make them available over the cloud to various customer asset & energy management platforms such as SCADA, energy monitoring and analytics and DSS (Decision Support Systems).

The NB-IoT technology introduction presents an unprecedented opportunity for the energy digitalization market, since for the 1st time a low power, high penetration IoT connectivity technology will be available widely for use in a secure, scalable, flexible, reliable, pay as you use manner, without the need of extra connectivity investments apart from the energy sensors/controllers. Mobile operators such as T-Mobile and Vodafone have immediate NB-IoT network launch plans, giving the opportunity to energy monitoring services to scale up fast in various markets. Meazon is currently running an NB-IoT energy monitoring pilot with Cosmote (DT group) in Greece.

Meazon NB-IoT cloud platform

Meazon is ready to pilot a new generation energy data acquisition and connectivity platform in terms of energy sensors (NB-IoT enabled), connectivity technologies and new business models.

Main characteristics of such a platform: (1) Distributed, real-time energy data collection & control of various sources (PV, EV, batteries) & loads (homes, buildings, HVAC, lighting etc.) (2) Flexible energy sensors provisioning and management (3) Cloud based transparent connectivity and protocol bridge for 3rd party information management platforms (4) Security across devices and users (5) Insightful data analysis and visualization.

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Meazon designs and manufactures at scale revolutionary small size IoT energy meters and integrates them to cloud technology. We build on open standards and provide insights in energy consumption of commercial and residential buildings. Our metering solution is 100% robust and redundant, storing energy data and schedules both on meter and gateway level. This way we drive significant energy efficiencies.