Smart Polis Hub – NEMA


Meazon’s Luminaire NEMA Hub provides a plug’n’play, flexible, scalable and cost-efficient platform for municipalities to save energy and maintenance costs. Optionally, comes with build-in temperature sensor, real time clock (RTC), GPS, accelerometer and a high accuracy ambient light digital 16-bit resolution sensor, CE certified for ambient light detection from 0 lx to about 167 klx.

It helps municipalities save communication and operational costs for their overall smart city infrastructure. It uses ZigBee to acquire and carry data from different types of sensors that measure pollution, weather conditions, parking lot availability and garbage collection, among others.

Offers the option to use NB-IoT or LTE Cat M1 with a fall back to 2G/3G/4G to communicate data to a cloud platform that enables management and troubleshooting.

Meazon’s Smart Polis Hub provides a complete smart LED lighting solution that creates a backbone network using the city’s streetlight infrastructure using ZigBee to connect different types of sensors to measure pollution, weather conditions , parking availability, garbage collection and NB-IoΤ or LTE Cat M1 to communicate the data to the cloud.

ZigBee Mesh Network NΒ-ΙοΤ LTE CAT M1
Frequency band
2.4 GHz, NB-IOT Bands: 20, 8, 3 M1 Bands: 13, 12, 5, 4, 2
Operating Voltage / Frequency
100-285 Vac / 45-65 Hz
Electric parameters measured
Irms, Vrms, Power factor Active Power & Energy, Reactive Power & Energy, line Frequency
Ranges of measured parameters
Voltage: 100 to 285 Vac, 45 to 65 Hz Current: up to 15 Ampere
Accuracy of measurements
<0,5% of reading measurement error (metering device)
Build-in Data log record
3.000 records
Extra features/functionalities

0-10V or 1-10V control

PWM Control

Extra pin availability

Astronomical clock & scheduler

Isolated from main supply

Optional: RTC, Accelerometer, Temperature sensor & light sensor

The coverage is extended to the borders of the streetlight network of the city
D= 84mm H= 86mm
Operating environment
Temperature: -20°C to 60°C, optionally -35°C to 75°C Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% (RH), non-condensing
Minimum Data report interval
Sub-second (default 5 minutes)
Internal Data Storage

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