Meazon smart BEMS at Piraeus municipality

MEAZON delivered successfully its smart BEMS at Piraeus municipality in the framework of a flagship Smart City Platform project. BEMS stands for Building Energy Management System.
Meazon technology allows the monitoring of energy consumption in public buildings, the “smart” management of indoor lighting, water consumption and various electrical appliances and the monitoring of parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, presence and brightness. The system integrates Meazon’s meters, controllers and 3rd party sensors into a wireless mesh (Zigbee) networking hub (Janus gateway). Mobile connectivity (NB-IoT, 3G, GPRS) and Wi-Fi are also used in buildings that don’t require any other sensors installation
The operational platform is built in an impressive high-tech environment that clearly will form the basis for future value-added services to the citizens, visitors and employees of the city. Congratulations to everybody for a fantastic result and one of the most advanced & impressive smart city platforms in Greece and beyond.
The timing is unique since nowadays energy efficiency becomes even more relevant and important in municipalities and the public sector. Next steps with energy real time monitoring of Municipality’s most important buildings will soon follow. Stay tuned! More to come!