Meazon delivers smart public lighting pilot local solution to EDP Distribuição

As part of the integration of intelligent solutions in the LV network, EDP Distribuição, through the Innovation and Technological Development Department (DIT) and the Direção Serviços Ativos Sul (DSAS), installed on March 12 a pilot with an advanced smart public lighting control management system (FlexIP), in Portalegre.

The local solution (Gateway, Controllers and Communications Protocol) was developed by EDPs technological partner, Meazon, the Greek company finalist in the latest edition of the Free Electrons program.

This smart public lighting pilot corresponds to the second version of the FlexIP project, installed in Samouco in early 2019. This new pilot is composed by a total of 29 Arquiled Sculptor luminaires, and each of them has a 7-pin NEMA socket (ANSI C136.41), to which a controller responsible for performing point-to-point control of the luminaires is connected. The controll made by the controllers is made based on the existing connection to the FlexIP system management platform. The local communications network consists of an RF Mesh network (ZigBee protocol) that is concentrated in a Gateway at the Secondary Substation, where the connection to the management platform is made through a GPRS connection.

The main objectives of this implementation are the validation of the Zigbee protocol that support the standard local communications and collect data to validate some use cases. It should also be noted that at the sensing level, the installed controllers are collecting information regarding temperature and humidity.

The main objectives of this system are:

  • Establish an open, interoperable and flexible architecture in order to allow working with several manufacturers and direct integration into EDP Distribuição systems, facilitating the adoption of these solutions and their technological evolution;
  • Increase the efficiency of public lighting, allowing the regulation of the luminous flux in periods of lesser influx of people/vehicles on the public road;
  • Improve the performance of EDP Distribuição in the management of public lighting,
    allowing the remote configuration of the lighting as well as receiving alerts about the
    current status of the luminaires/controllers;
  • Prepare the public lighting infrastructure for the provision of features associated with
    smart cities;
  • Allow the municipality to have greater visibility and control over Public Lighting, through
    access to the management platform.

More info:

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