Total Harmonic Distortion feature by Meazon energy submeters

By introducing Total Harmonic Distortion by Meazon, the company enters into a new phase of service offering, by measuring the harmonic content of the electrical loads being monitored by a Meazon three-phase energy submeter. Along with the overall harmonic content, one can monitor and analyze each harmonic separately in real time and intervene in case this is required.

The new energy submetering product, Meazon DinRail V4 NB is a UL certified multifaceted product platform with amazing features such as 20 msec energy reporting, Total Harmonic Distortion measurement, high accuracy, ZigBee, NB-IoT , WiFi and USB connectivity options to name a few, in a continously shrinking form factor, increasingly easier to use and install and under a secure, scalable and flexible energy IoT platform.

The new Meazon IoT product platform is ideal for innovative Utilities to use for delivering services such as energy disaggregation and energy efficiency to their customers under a uniform value added services platform, integrated to their business support systems.

By using Meazon energy submeters, harmonics information can be immediately updated, analyzed and timely intervened without the need to use expensive tools but with the use of a rail meter that is normally installed to monitor consumption.

In the picture we show the harmonic content of voltage and current in a heat pump for 24 hours.

Total Harmonic Distortion is a measurement of the harmonic distortion present in a signal and is defined as the ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic components to the fundamental frequency power.