Wireless Metering Challenge

Wireless metering challenge was issued by the US Department of Energy. Commercial buildings spend over 120 billion dollars annually on electricity. Sub-metering data provides visibility to building energy use. Better understanding of energy-use profiles can help building owners reduce costs by taking actions to resolve problems identified through data. Where the savings potential justifies measurement, actual consumption data can be used to identify energy reduction opportunities, improve operations, verify improvements, and assess system performance. Although metering systems do not directly improve energy efficiency, they enable focused actions that can allow organizations to achieve energy management goals.

Historically, installing a metering system in an existing building has required expensive hardwiring, retrofitting and new software. For many energy management applications the investment in metering is too significant to be cost effective, thus leaving energy conservation opportunities unaddressed. To remedy this cost barrier, the Better Buildings Alliance issued the Low-Cost Wireless Metering Challenge.

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