Integrating energy monitoring and security SIA systems

Meazon is entering the world of home security by integrating energy monitoring and security SIA system protocols within its renowned Bizy+ platform.

A dedicated integration team has spent weeks to achieve flawless integration of Meazon’s energy monitoring along with a partner’s SIA (Security Industry Authority) products. The team is comprised by software, hardware and firmware engineers from both ends, energy and security. The move is a result of our commitment to service consumers that seek added-value by bundling their home security with energy monitoring of appliances, all simply accessed through their smartphones. Users can now arm or disarm alarms while inspecting out-of-normal energy consumption in real time.

In the commercial frontier, converged energy monitoring and security systems within a technologically-advanced green building not only underpins corporate responsibility towards the environment but it does also allow to differentiate itself from other commercial buildings and helps attract high-end tenants. While future building automation is mainly a matter of cutting energy costs, such advanced systems will integrate into security systems in order to turn off utilities to areas of a facility that are empty, as indicated through electronic access control. These two previously distinct processes for energy measuring/controlling a building with the security system into one easy-to-use platform is now helping buildings managers to achieve full operational control at ease.

Some of the main benefits of such combined bundled systems are:

  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • 24/7 fast-response burglary and theft monitoring
  • Environmental control
  • Remote arm/disarm, door lock/unlock
  • Security and energy alarms
  • Whole-home system approach

The integrated energy monitoring and security system can sent critical alarm statuses and conditions from these systems in a common database. This innovative feature gives the operators visibility of the status of all building infrastructure services which in turn enhances the safety and business continuity of the building occupants and owners.

The collected data provides also energy-analytic reporting tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Bizy+ platform use these statistics to monitor and measure the performance of the building as part of a continual process of measurement and verification of installed building systems. These readings ensure that the building operates as intended and maintains operational efficiencies while ensuring security of installed equipment and processes.

Here at Meazon, we understand that building control requirements, risks and business processes change with time and our integration approaches offer flexible options for adapting to meet these changing requirements.

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