Meters, controllers & connectivity

Our submetering technology, has received many awards and recognition since 2015. The uniqueness of Meazon submeters lies in their innovative design that manages to balance contradictive characteristics such as small size, low cost, embedded intelligence, mesh connectivity and a wealth of technical features.

The Meazon proprietary PCB that lives within the submeters / controllers is designed in a way that secures cost efficiency and in parallel enables a whole bunch of advanced & intelligent services such as working even with one network phase live, saving data in case of 3 phase power failure and in case of wireless connection loss, storing local on/off control weekly schedules or on demand, measuring with high accuracy (99%+), remote s/w updates downloading and all that in a minimal form factor.

US Department of Energy recognized Meazon as the only technology meeting their energy submetering specifications, leading to improved energy efficiency in buildings.

See US DoE wireless submetering challenge.
See US DoE and Meazon webinar.

Meazon meter US panel

US panel

Meazon meter EU panel

EU panel




DinRail Advanced 3-phase IoT

DinRail Advanced NB-IoT

DinRail Advanced 3-phase ULTRA

DinRail 3-phase ULTRA

DinRail Advanced 3-phase

DinRail Advanced 3-phase

DinRail Advanced 1-phase

DinRail Advanced 1-Phase


Meazon plug Bizy Type F

Bizy Type F

Meazon Bizy Type B

Bizy Type B

Meazon plug Bizy Type F

Izy Type F


Meazon Street controller

Smart Polis Hub

Meazon EV Charger

Cerberus EV Metering Plug


meazon Janus Gateway

Janus Gateway

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