DinRail Slim


Meazon SLIM DinRail wirelessly reports highly accurate energy data in ultra-high reporting intervals and it is CE certified. It is the smallest three phase meter in the world. Available with 3 (or 4) split core current transformers, capable of measuring up to 600 Amps per phase. It is ideal for monitoring consumed and produced power in real time and it is equipped with a built in data logger, which stores 3.000 readings locally.

It reports energy data wirelessly via Zigbee or Wifi in a configurable manner down to per second time periods, while it can go even to subsecond reporting intervals using Wifi. It comes with advanced installation ergonomy. Measures current, voltage, active and reactive Power/Energy, frequency, power factor & harmonics (optional). It is used to measure three phase loads or three single phase loads in an electrical panel. Measurement of neutral in three phase loads is possible.

It is always connected to Meazon’s Cloud Gateway and through this can forward data to any 3rd party data visualization platforms. It can gather data from other devices using Zigbee and become the gateway to the cloud, simplifying installation and reducing overall costs.

Meazon’s circuit-level DIN rail form-factor meters are so small that fit almost everywhere. Due to their optimal cost efficient design, they have a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) enabling the adoption of a larger number of metering points, driving much more detailed insights into energy efficiency opportunities.

ZigBee Mesh Network & WiFi
Frequency band
ZigBee, WiFi: 2 4 GHz
1-ph. 3-ph. 4-wire
Minimum Data communication interval
< 1 sec (preconfigured 5 min)
Security mechanism
AES encryption 128 bits in Zigbee, VPN in WiFi
Operating Voltage / Frequency
100 to 240 Vac/ 45 to 65 Hz 
Electric parameters measured
Irms, Vrms, Active Power & Energy, Reactive Power & Energy, Frequency, Power Factor & Harmonics (optional)
Ranges of measured parameters-model depended(*)
Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac phase-to-neutral, 45 to 65 Hz Current: CTs 63, 125, 300, 400, 600 A
Accuracy of measurements
<1% of reading measurement error
Build-in Data log record
3.000 recordings, time period depends upon reporting interval
Extra features/functionalities

Disaggregation engine

Zigbee mesh topology and/or WiFi
9.9 x 115 x 53 (WxHxD) in mm
Operating environment
Temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C Rel. Humidity: 10% to 90% (RH), non condensing
Loss of power or overvoltage
Automatic reset after power loss, surge protection

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