Meazon collaborates with EDP Distribuição to develop open standards technology in smart street lighting

EDP Distribuição and Meazon will collaborate to develop a pilot next-generation open street lighting management system, based on Meazon technology.

EDP Distribuição is the main Distribution System Operator (DSO) in Portugal, manages more than 90% of all the street lighting infrastructure in mainland Portugal, comprising about 3 million luminaires. Given the dimension of the street lighting infrastructure managed by EDP Distribuição, it is essential to have an affordable, open and interchangeable street lighting management system, allowing the procurement of components from different manufacturers, with true interoperability.

Meazon has already developed a street lighting management system based on open standards of communication at a local level such as Zigbee while using mobile infrastructure to communicate with the cloud, delivering economies of scale, security and quality of service at licensed frequencies, guaranteed by mobile operators.

Eduardo Francisco, EDP Distribuição’s Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility Project Manager stated that “Meazon has already developed a local street lighting management system architecture, comprised of controllers and gateways, which are based on open standards and can be directly linked to our street lighting platform….”, and continues “… Our aim with this project is to end up with a set of specifications for a functional, secure and interoperable local street lighting control system, which can be used as a standard and serve as the base to develop a smart city services ecosystem.”

Stelios KoutroubinasMeazon’s CEO statedWe are delighted that EDP Distribuiçãoone of the worlds largest and most innovative electricity distribution system and street lighting operatorstrusts Meazon to develop nextgeneration street lighting management technology” and points out, “This collaboration indicates the technology lead of Meazon and its competitiveness on a global level, confirming our open standards strategy and the use of our street lighting platform as a basis for providing smart city services